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Using Your FSA for Vision Care

In addition to any vision insurance plan you have, you may be able to use a Flexible Spending Account to cover expenses for your vision care. If you opted into an FSA provided by your employer, you are already contributing pre-tax money from your paycheck into an account. That money can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses that your insurance doesn’t cover. These can include eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and fitting costs.

Keep in mind that you must use the funds in your FSA before the end of each plan year, typically December 31. That means you can use your FSA throughout the year to pay for regular vision care not covered by insurance. Alternatively, as you near the end of each year, remember to check the funds in our FSA. If you still have money to spend in the account, use it or lose it! Some good ways to do so might be getting a spare pair of eyeglasses for yourself, stocking up on contact lenses, or making sure dependent family members are up to date on their eye exams.

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