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Meijer Optical offers a wide range of eyeglass lenses to choose from. With different lens materials and lens types, you will find the best pair of glasses to suit your prescription needs. Choose from a variety of lens options including but not limited to scratch resistant, tinted, UV treated, and anti-reflective.

Not sure what lens is right for you? Check out the variety of options we offer at Meijer Optical. If you have questions, schedule an eye doctor appointment with one of our professional eye doctors to learn more.

Lens Types

The single vision lenses are for correcting only one distance. For instance, if you were nearsighted only, you would choose a single vision lens. If you need to correct multiple vision distances, these are not recommended.

This lens is recommended if you are both nearsighted and farsighted. This option is great for those who need a pair of glasses for multiple uses. Instead of getting one pair for nearsighted use and one pair for farsighted use, you can have two in one.

To correct your view for near, intermediate, and long distance sighting, the straight top trifocal is recommended. With this multiuse lens, you will be able to see just about anything at anytime.

The ultimate lens for all vision correction needs would be the Progressive Lens. This lens is a perfect fit for near, intermediate and far vision issues. Cosmetically, these lenses are seamless – no lines can be seen between the bifocal and trifocal lenses. Not only are these lenses more aesthetically pleasing, they are much more comfortable on the eye. The lenses have a gradual change between all three lenses making it a clearer transition and more comfortable to adjust between the different lenses.

High Definition Lenses are like watching life in High Definition. If you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or in between, these lenses are a perfect match.

Lens Treatment

UV protection is important. Protect your eyes with a UV treatment. The sun can cause a variety of diseases and disorders so be sure to ask about our UV treatments to keep your eyes staying healthy!

Extend the life of your lenses with a scratchproof treatment! A clear coating is applied to your lenses that will keep them protected from scratches and scuffs. Even with a scratch coating, you should handle your eyeglasses with care!

Also known as AR Coating, is a treatment that can be applied to block out glare and increase your lenses clarity. These are recommended for computer users or if you have issues with headlights during night driving.

Self Tinting Lenses lenses are perfect for those who like having their glasses and sunglasses all in one. Your lenses will appear clear in regular lighting, but if you step outside your glasses will begin to change to a tinted lens. Choose from a variety of different colors – blue, green, gray, honey, turquoise, brown, amethyst, and more!

If you like to reduce glare, the mirrored coating treatment is for you.  These lenses will reduce reflective glare from sun.

These are the best lenses to use sunglasses or driving glasses. These will help to eliminate reflections of the sun and will provide 100% protection from UV rays.

These are the thinnest and lightest lenses. They are great for distance and reading and provide increased eye comfort.

Lens Materials

Plastic lenses are the most popular of the lenses. The cosmetics of plastic lenses give you a comfortable and light feel. However, they are prone to getting scratches and it is highly recommended to add a scratch coating to prevent wear and tear from occurring.

Polycarbonate lenses are made up of the same plastic used in airplane windows, making it one of the most scratch resistant and durable lenses in the market.  All polycarbonate lenses are pre-treated for UV protection and are shatter resistant. These lenses are highly recommended for children, teens, and adults who are very active.

The High Index Plastic lenses are very thin and light. These lenses are extremely comfortable and durable.