How Contact Lenses Work

The Contact Lens manufacturers are constantly working to engineer and improve upon the current contact lens design and technology. Advances in lens design, materials and manufacturing methods are allowing more and more people to comfortably enjoy the benefits of wearing contact lenses. Previously, customers requiring correction for astigmatism (a condition whereby the light entering the eye is broken into two separate focal lengths which the eye can’t bring into focus, causing blurred vision) were unable to get the prescription correction that they needed. Now, technological advances in Toric Contact Lenses allow most astigmatic people to wear contact lenses. Contact Lenses (even cosmetic contact lenses) are considered a prescription device and necessitate a current contact lens prescription from an eye doctor. We recommend that you contact your nearest Meijer Optical Center and make an appointment with a independent Doctor of Optometry* to find out which Contact Lens is the lens for YOU and your needs.


DISPOSABLE CONTACTS – Meijer Optical Centers* are proud to offer a wide variety of Disposable Contact Lenses from your favorite manufacturers and the most popular brands. In addition to traditional One to Two Week Disposable Contact Lenses, we carry Daily Wear Lenses that are designed to be thrown away after being worn once. Since they do not have to be cleaned or maintained, Daily Wear Contact lenses are ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

EXTENDED WEAR CONTACT LENSES – Extended Wear Contact Lenses can worn when you are asleep, either overnight or for up to one month. They make it easy to see the world clearly from the moment you wake up!

TORIC CONTACT LENSES – Toric Contact Lenses are designed to ensure that the eye receives the required prescription correction for their astigmatism at each of the major axes. Unlike regular soft contact lenses which rotate continuously in the eye when worn, Toric Contact Lenses, once positioned correctly by the wearer, maintain a constant orientation and give excellent visual acuity.

MONOVISION CONTACT LENSES – Monovision Contact Lenses are for those who are not good candidates for bifocal contact lenses and yet need vision correction for both near and distance viewing. One eye receives a contact lens for distance correction and the other receives one for near correction.

BIFOCAL CONTACT LENSES – Bifocal Contact Lenses are a great advance and offer vision correction for near and distance viewing in one lens. The best candidates for bifocal contact lenses are early presbyopes (adults starting to have difficulty focusing on things close up, such as the print in a book or newspaper).

COSMETIC CONTACT LENSES – Cosmetic Contact Lenses allow you to change or enhance the color of your eye. Meijer Optical Centers are proud to offer a wide variety of cosmetic contact lenses. They are available both with and without prescription for vision correction; however all contact lenses require a current contact lenses prescription for ordering. To receive a contact lens prescription, you’ll need to schedule a contact lens exam with the eye doctor, where you’ll also receive care and cleaning instructions.

* Independent optometrist adjacent to the Meijer Optical Center perform the sales function for contact lenses where directed by state law.

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