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    Written by meijeradmin

    At Meijer Optical we take fashion just as seriously as eye health so wanted to provide some of the following advice to keep you windows to the world happy, healthy and looking their best in more ways then one!

    Step 1: Schedule an Eye Exam

    Even if you think your vision is in good shape, eye exams are an important part of keeping your eyes in superior condition. Your doctor will determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contacts and then send you on your merry way to go shop around until you find the specs that work best for you!

    Step 2: Stay Healthy!

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will benefit your overall health, and that includes your beautiful peepers! Eating a diet rich in fruits and veggies, as well as omega-3 fatty acids (like salmon and nuts) is important for your eye health.

    Step 3: Practice Indoor and Outdoor Eye Safety

    When outdoors, be sure to throw on a fabulous pair of sunglasses with UV protection. When indoors, avoid any excessively bright lights as well, such as from an overhead lamp or a window. Also, find time to take breaks (i.e. step away from that laptop!) and exercise your eyes to give them a chance to relax. Consider office eyewear. Yes, it is an excuse for an additional pair of frames but you and your doctor may identify that your vision needs are different for your 9 to 5.

    And now without further ado, our top picks for frames that are hot right now…

    Elizabeth Arden Glasses – EA 1076

    Elizabeth Arden

    Nicole Miller New York Glasses – WNY 03

    Nicole Miller NY

    Max Cole Glasses – SJ 26

    Max Cole glasses

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